Property Investments

Our goal is to help our clients build their wealth by allowing them to purchase properties at a price lower than their instrinic value. We also strive to ensure that our clients receive a regular income from renting out these properties, which can provide a passive income or cover the costs of their mortgage. Additionally, we focus on increasing the value of their investments and taking advantage of tax benefits associated with property ownership.


We offer four main types of real estate investments:

  1. Pre-construction property investments: These require down payments ranging from 0% to 20% of the total value at the beginning. Payments for these properties can be spread out during construction or due upon completion. Funding can come from personal finances, cryptocurrencies, mortgages, or alternative financial solutions.
  2. Investments in completed properties: It’s possible to get a mortgage covering 60% to 90% of the property’s value (LTV – loan to value), or use alternative financing. These properties are ready to rent out and can also be utilized through a type of rent-to-own arrangement.
  3. Land investments: Here too, you can get a mortgage covering 60% to 90% of the land’s value or use alternative financing.
  4. Fractional investments: This is a one-time investment in a share of a property, with the investment planned for a period of 4 to 6 years. When selecting real estate investments, we rely on external and internal market research, as well as financial data.


Our offerings range from low to medium risk, depending on location and market conditions. With this wide range of options, we meet the various needs and preferences of investors.


For a tailored investment strategy that aligns with your financial goals, contact us for a complimentary consultation. Let’s discuss how we can help you navigate the lucrative world of real estate investment with our friendly, expert guidance.