Why invest in Slovakia

Slovakia, also known as the Slovak Republic, is a country located in the central part of the Europe. Being at the center of the continent, Slovakia is a landlocked country being on the western side bordered by Austria and Czech Republic, on the North bordered by Poland, on the east Slovakia is bordered by Ukraine and to the south it shares its border with Hungary.

Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, is also the largest city in the country. The country has more than 5 million inhabitants. The country is a member of the EU.


Euro Valley and the golden triangle of Central Europe – the territory created by the city of Bratislava, Vienna, and the Hungarian city of Györ is often called “the golden triangle” by economists because of its favorable geographical position and potential for mutual business cooperation (Bratislava – Vienna 60 km, Bratislava – Györ 60 km, Vienna – Györ 70 km).

Slovakia is a world leader in the production of cars, with over 200 passenger cars produced per 1,000 inhabitants. Volkswagen, Kia Motors, PSA Group and Jaguar Land Rover are the most significant contributors to car production.

As a member of Visegrád Group or V4 (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary) Slovakia the only country to have adopted the Euro currency.



  • Foreign investors investing in Slovakia can greatly benefit from the strategic geographic location of the country. Since the country is located at the center of the European continent, investors can have easy access to other important business centers in the EU and expand their business operations
  • Slovakia has a very low cost of living compared with other countries in the EU
  • Because the currency is Euro, the risk of loss in business due to difference in the currency exchange rates is reduced. This is very beneficial for foreign investors investing in the country
  • The Slovak economy  has scope for considerable growth